Over the years we have received many many calls, e-mails and letters with reference to supplying trouser KITS, trouser PATTERNS, trousers that are PARTIALLY assembled or using FABRICS supplied by the customer for making their trousers. We continue to receive numerous communications on these subjects and thus have elected to post information here to help answer questions about the same.

     Regrettably we do NOT sell kits, patterns or trousers in partial stages of assembly (with the intention that the customer will finish all the handwork). We believe that there is a certain degree of manufacturer liability involved, either real or implied, concerning the successful outcome of the end or finished product. That success is, in reality, solely based on the skill of the person putting together or finishing the trousers regardless of how well executed our kit, pattern or partial may have been. Since we cannot control the end results Stony Brook Company has elected not to enter the field of manufacturing and selling kits, patterns or partially completed trousers.

     As for manufacturing trousers using customer supplied fabrics, this can get to be a difficult situation and past experiences have proven this to be true. Without getting into a laundry list of all the variables that can be faced by using fabrics other than our own, we simply will state here that we do not work with any fabrics other than those which we supply from our own stocks.

     Lastly, we wish to mention that we do not alter our patterns which we have meticulously drafted to assure historical accuracy on virtually every line, curve and angle. While we will address basic size issues (waist, hips and inseam) we will not modify them beyond that for any other reason. Therefore, we do not entertain requests for "slim" cut, "boot" cut, certain "break-over-the-toe" issues, "heel drape" issues or ANY OTHER type of modifications that renders a tailored look to the Deering and Schuylkill Arsenal issue trousers. Experience had proven that trying to entertain such requests for modifications is a Pandora's box and entirely problematic for all concerned. Thus to avoid on-going problems and disappointments for everyone involved, and to remain faithful to historical patterning please do not ask us to modify our Deering and Schuylkill Arsenal trouser patterns beyond basic size (waist, hips, inseam) issues.

     We sincerely appreciate everyones understanding of our position on all points outlined on this page.


Chris Sullivan