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                U.S. ENLISTED MAN'S MOUNTED PATTERN TROUSERS                

PATTERN   We offer our mounted trousers in the Schuylkill Arsenal pattern.

GRADE   We make our mounted trousers in both MUSEUM GRADE version (machine sewn main seams but w/ extensive hand sewn details including hand sewn button holes of course) as well as a STANDARD GRADE version (principally machine sewn but w/ hand sewn button holes and some assorted hand tacking .

FABRIC   We use 100% wool fabric in all our trousers. We can manufacture in either sky blue or dark blue.

STRIPING:   For non commissioned officers of the CAVALRY we always try to use a golden yellow wool tape for your trouser striping rather than the brighter lemon yellow. The golden yellow tape is sometimes subject to availability but we try to keep some in stock. For non commissioned officers of the ARTILLERY we use a scarlet wool tape.

PRICE   Please see each respective page for MUSEUM GRADE and STANDARD GRADE pricing.

PAYMENT   On each order form is information for payment via personal check or money order. However, if you wish to pay with PayPal or credit card you can use your selected method by clicking the respective link below. That will take you to an information page respective to each payment method. Now we will still need you to follow up your electronic payment with an e-mail to us giving the size information we need plus if you need NCO striping. That or just print off and fill out the order form, mark it "PAID with PayPal" -or- "PAID with credit card"" and mail it in. We then print off your e-mail, attach it to your payment notice we receive from PayPal (they process both PayPal as well as all credit card payments) and put your order into the production queue. We acknowledge via e-mail ALL electronic payments received, ALL e-mails received containing size and order information and ALL printed orders mailed in. This way the buyer is kept in the loop and up-to-date. :-)

In calculating your total for an electronic payment just add it up off the order form and send in the final amount; easy. :-) Of course any questions on any of this please e-mail me; I'm here to help.

DELIVERY   Turn-around time on mounted trousers can average eight weeks easy. Please understand that BEFORE you order. We are VERY busy in the shop and cannot accelerate any product's assembly to conform to a shorter time frame.

OFFICERS:   Please e-mail me and we can discuss options and prices.

ORDER FORM:   A link for that is supplied on each respective page - MUSEUM GRADE - and - STANDARD GRADE.



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