SCHUYLKILL ARSENAL Museum Grade foot trousers.     $215.00 + $9.50 shipping


If you are new to these pages, first please read all the information below. This info outlined all details our Schuylkill Arsenal Museum Grade trousers possess.



We will be replacing our Schuylkill Arsenal depot pattern trousers with William Deering contract pattern trousers effective JANUARY 1st 2019. Therefore, as of January 1st, Schuylkill Arsenal pattern trousers will no longer be available. This page will then be updated with the new Deering trouser detail information PLUS Deering trouser photos.

ALSO (!!!) our fabic supplier is closing and we have had to locate a new source of wool. Regrettably, fabric prices from our new source are higher (between 15% to 18% more per yard). Therefore, effective January 1st, these price increases will be reflected in our product line. We apologize for this but we cannot control the prices of the fabrics we have to purchase.




Our trousers are made in an excellent quality 21 ounce 100% wool. Fabric samples are always available upon request and at no charge.

Our "museum grade" trousers are machine sewn on the main seams but feature EXTENSIVE hand sewing and hand sewn details throughout the rest of the trousers. Here are some additional features found on our MUSEUM GRADE trousers.


1.   High waisted cut with correct sloping back body and tapered waistband

2.   The outer edges of the woolen waistbands and fly panels are rolled back slightly as found in the majority of original SA trousers

3.   All cuffs feature the sideseam split or vent

4.   Hand felled two-piece cuffs with wool facings PLUS cuff split reinforcement patches

5.   NARROW pattern fly panels

6.   Hand felled waistband and fly facings in cotton drill as per original examples.)

7.   Hand felled reinforcement patch on the rear waistband split

8.   SA pattern right side watchpocket with hand felled raw edges.

9.   Sideseam pattern pockets with hand bar-tacking at the corners

10. Hand felled internal pocket facings

11. Hand felled cotton drill pocket/body seams

12. Hand topstitched pocket bags

13. Hand sewn buttonholes in fly and waistband

14. Hand sewn rear tie-back grommet holes with tie-back cord (not thin string)

15. Tin face paperbacked buttons - seven large on the waistband; five small in the fly. PLEASE NOTE: It is
      evident based on the majority of surviving relic Federal trousers that the FOUR button system for
      suspender attachment was the most common - one per side on the front and one per side on the back.
      We utilize SIX buttons for suspender attachment on our trousers solely out of convenience for our
      customers, the majority of which have suspenders set up for a six point (6 button) attachment. If you
      would prefer your trousers to have the FOUR button suspender set up, simply let us know and we will be
      happy to accomodate.

16. Natural 100% cotton drilling (NOT muslin!) is used for pocket inserts, waistband facings and the right side fly facing

17. Correct period Schuylkill Arsenal stamps on the pocket or waistband facing respectively.

18. Sewn entirely in medium dark blue 100% cotton thread

19. All the handfelling on our trousers is done using the period style "vertical felling stitch" ... not your basic whipstitching.

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Here are some clickable links to images showing MAIN body views, INTERNAL views some various DETAILS on a pair of Schuylkill Arsenal pattern trousers. PLEASE NOTE: These trousers demonstrate the hand top stitch option WHICH IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE.

6 Main    5 Inner    6 Details   


Enlisted men, you can order a pair of "Museum Grade" trousers by CLICKING HERE :-)