WAIST MEASUREMENT: When ordering any trousers made to your specific size it is vitally important that your waist measurement be taken at NAVEL LEVEL. PLEASE, take the actual measurement using a vinyl tape measure and measure at NAVEL LEVEL. These tape measures are available at any fabric shop or "dollar store". Navel level height is where the waistband on correctly cut Civil War repro trousers is supposed to be and this is where we put it. We cannot insure a good fit if you do not measure your waist at this location! . So while wearing a tee-shirt, run the tape measure snugly around your waist at navel level (not above - not below ... just at navel level). Just keep it snug - don't pull it too tight nor keep it so loose that it's prone to slide around. Lastly don't argue with the math you get! LOL!

When it comes to your waist size we cannot go by   "used to be",   "generally is",   "last time I purchased",   "kinda around",   or assumptions to that effect. :-D   If you want it to fit, please MEASURE to give us the correct information we need to do a good job for you. If you guess at your waist size, I guess it will fit. I can only work with the math YOU give me.

It is company policy that once fabric is cut to the size ordered as written, those trousers become the property of the buyer and we have no refund responsibility. If WE made a mistake in cutting the size naturally we correct it at no charge to the buyer. But if we cut using inaccurate measurements supplied by the buyer we are not at fault and again have no refund responsibilities. The most regrettable part of this for all parties involved is that the gentleman has to reorder and repurchase a new pair of trousers plus start the production waiting process all over again - all the while waiting for his old pair to sell (usually on consignment) so he can recoup his original purchase funds. All of this could have been avoided just for the sake of taking a couple minutes to get an actual waist measurement with a tape measure. Alright, enough said on all that.


SEAT MEASUREMENT: While in your undershorts (BVDs, Jockies, etc), using a cloth or vinyl tape measure, measure completely around the fullest part of the buttocks. We use this figure as a general reference measurement to insure we cut in enough seat room for comfortable stooping, squatting, skirmish line fence jumping, etc., etc. Just to mention it you can also take this measurement while wearing jeans or dress pants. However, you need to pull the tape a little snug.


INSEAM MEASUREMENT: Many gentleman who are unfamiliar with tailoring matters have asked "How do you take an inseam measurement?". Some have found sources that state - from the crotch to the ankle - from the crotch to the heel of the shoe - and, from the crotch to the floor. Different tailors and different tailoring firms sometimes work by separate standards for inseam measurement and hence there is some confusion. However, we have had very good success setting our inseam lengths based on the length specified on blue jeans or dress slacks size tags. Of course there is always an occasion or two where this doesn't work out exactly; but 99% of the time it does. For those occasional times that it doesn't, this is why we offer free alterations for any completed pair of trousers we ship out.

Therefore, gentleman can submit the inseam info from their jeans or slacks size tag when ordering their CW trousers. However, if no size tag is found, we recommend the following. On any good fitting (meaning of course a good fit for the length you want) jeans OR repro Civil War trousers, take that flexable cloth or vinyl measuring tape and measure from the crotch seam (this is where the inner leg seams intersect with the trouser body seams a few inches below the fly), down the inside leg seam and end at the bottom edge of the leg or cuff. That will give you your inseam measurement. So either method (size tag or actual measurements off a good fitting pair of trousers) works very well for us here at STONY BROOK COMPANY.

A final quick word on size tags just to clear up an possible confusion. While we can use modern size tag info for LENGTH, we cannot use it for the waist measurement. For WAIST please use the waist-at-navel method specified above under WAIST MEASUREMENT.

If this measurement stuff gets confusing, no sweat ... call me at 315-343-1557 or e-mail me and we can sort it all out in short order.

You are welcome to place an order for any of the trousers that we manufacture to be made in your choice of pattern, size, and color. Further below are links to our PRINTABLE order forms for this purpose. On average PLEASE ALLOW AT LEAST EIGHT WEEKS for us to process and manufacture your order. This time frame BEGINS once we receive your order in the mail here at the office. Phone calls or e-mails cannot be considered actual orders although we welcome them to disburse information and details on any pending order you wish to place.


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