Hi and thanks for visiting this page.

The office phone number is: 315-343-1557. However, given the very high volume of calls I receive during the day and the subsequent great length of time it takes me away from sewing, I've had to temporarily change the manner in which I handle phone calls. It's always a pleasure to hear from the guys and I appreciate the calls - but I also have to keep stitching and get trousers made too. :-)

So as to be able to keep things running smoothly on the shop floor if you call you will most likely get our answering machine in the office. Please leave your name, phone number and a BRIEF message and I'll call you back as soon as I can. Most calls though are now being returned AFTER working hours and through the course of the early evening. If you leave your day / work number I'll leave a message or call you the following day.

If you have a routine question the very best option is to simply E-MAIL ME.

Thanks for working with me on this and my apologies for any and all inconvenience.

Best wishes to all,

Stony Brook Company