CONSIGNMENTS: General Purchasing Information
Please read these six simple rules so you know how the system works.

Any consignment purchase means you have read and agree with these policies.


1:   THE ITEMS:   The items listed in consignments sections 1, 2 and 3 are items I have been asked to sell on consignment by folks in the Civil War reenactment community -

* individual reenactors (active or "retired")
* sutlers clearing out excess "new old stock"
* unit quartermasters thinning out unit owned property
* people who sew privately and need an outlet for their wares
and don't what the hassle (nor expense)
  of setting up and running a website or do not have the time to handle sales, e-mails and such administration.

I have been providing this service since 1976 - first by newsletter and then on the web in 1996. All items are strictly REPRODUCTION. Some items are brand new and others used. As can be seen in the listings I try to be as detailed in my descriptions as I can and post photos when possible. I accept for consignment all Civil War related items EXCEPT for firearms (various legal reasons) and ladies civilian clothing and accessories (too size and fashion specific). I will consider vivandiere uniforms though because they're military specific.

2:  HOLDS:    If you see something you can't live without call or e-mail me with the ITEM NAME and NUMBER and I will put it on HOLD for you. Such holds ("sale pending") are maintained for ten (10) business days to allow time for your check or money order to arrive. However, if I do not hear from the potential buyer at the end of the ten working day hold period (the clock starts ticking when I get the call or e-mail to put the item on hold) the hold is removed and the item returned to active listing. There are some cases where buyer circumstances may require a longer "sale pending" period. However, most sellers require us to stick strictly with the ten business day holds.

3:   PAYMENT:    We are now set up for and also (thru PayPal) for consignment purchases. However, we continue to accept personal checks or money orders for those who do not wish to use PayPal or credit cards because of the fees associated with those services. Items paid for with PayPal or credit card are shipped within 48 hours (unless alterations or modifications are required of course).


      PERSONAL CHECKS are held to clear (the clearing process could take up to TEN business (working) days)
     before the item can be shipped.

     MONEY ORDERS allow for shipping within 48 hours after receipt. So if you're in a hurry for your item and
     not using PayPal or credit card, please use a money order. Money orders are available at banks, post
     offices and are also available at many convenience stores.
PLEASE NOTE: The 48 hour shipping policy
     does NOT apply to items that require customer requested services such as alterations, hemming, or any
     any type of work to be done to the item prior to shipping. Please give us a little time to get any requested
     process finished.

Please make payment (check or money order) out to "STONY BROOK COMPANY".

4:   SHIPPING:    Once payment is received (and cleared in the case of checks) I will ship the item within 48 hours. I use PRIORITY MAIL unless the buyer specifically requests UNITED PARCEL SERVICE. UPS rates MAY differ than Priority Mail. Occasionally UPS will have to be the shipper of choice if an item is exceptionally large or heavy (such as tentage, bulk purchases, etc.). Very small or very lightweight items are usually sent via FIRST CLASS MAIL. Shipping rates for the items on consignment are calculated for within the continental United States. However, I do ship to CANADA and EUROPE and ask those buyers to please contact me for specific shipping rates to their country. I always combine shipping on multiple purchases for the benefit of the buyer. Finally, if any special shipping arrangement is requested (either stateside, Canada or overseas) and it incurs additional shipping fees, these are worked out with the buying customer PRIOR to concluding the transaction.

5:   RETURNS:    Please play it safe - “If it doesn’t fit, don’t force it!”. Any item certainly may be returned SO LONG AS it has NOT been worn, altered, retailored, or abused in any way. Stony Brook Company alone will make that final determination. Some gents have asked me if this last remark is really necessary. In answer to that all I can say is "Brother, you'd be surprised what I get back sometimes and people expect a refund on it." If any item is returned to me and is in the same condition in which I sent it, a refund (either a company check or PayPal payment) will be promptly issued for the purchase price of the item itself NOT including any shipping fees either initial or return. IF YOU HAVE TO RETURN AN ITEM it is a very good idea to get insurance on it for its full value - especially if the item is an expensive one. REMEMBER, I am always glad to issue a refund for the item's purchase price - but I cannot issue a refund on something I do not receive. If an INSURED item that is being returned is lost or damaged you as the sender have to file the claim with the SHIPPER (Post Office, UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc); I cannot do it from this end.

6:   PRE-PURCHASE INSPECTION:    Sorry, I cannot ship anything that has not been paid for. If you purchase an item and it is unsatisfactory for any reason, it can be sent back as per our RETURNS policy above.

... and the most frequently asked question -

HOW DO I SELL SOMETHING ON CONSIGNMENT?   If you have an item that you would like to have listed in our consignments section just E-MAIL ME and I'll send you the details.

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