Dear friends and customers,

As of July 1st I will be celebrating fifth-two years sewing Civil War reenactment uniforms (I started sewing privately in '68) with forty-six years of that sewing those uniforms commercially. At this point in time I'd say that's enough career for any man. :-)

Therefore, I wish to announce that I will be officially retiring from the manufacturing end of the uniform trade effective at close of business (5:00 PM) on July 1st 2020. On that date (or shortly thereafter) we will also be closing this website.

I do wish to mention though that as a courtesy to all my consignment buyers and sellers I will keep the CONSIGNMENTS operation active - HOWEVER, it will be found on eBay. Please CLICK HERE for more detailed information on that.

In closing this announcement I wish to very sincerely thank all of my customers who have supported Stony Brook Company since 1968. It has been a very interesting and uniquely rewarding journey and I shall always be grateful to my friends and customers who have patronized Stony Brook down through all these years. I would have never made it without you! :-)

With warmest regards and sincere best wishes,